2 Country 4 Nashville - Ms. Marilyn, Lo-el, LeAnn, Paul 

Starr Belle, Graham Brennen & Ms Marilyn

This is Crains Nest Bluegrass From Northpoart, AL.

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Audrey Auld - And That's "Debbie Cakes" on left

Cody Huber & Steve Norris

Paul Jones, Tubby Dyer & Earl & Polly 

behind us

8-Ball, Hank Sasaki & Ray Curtis

​​Emma King & The Heart Sets

Wilson County Line

Radio Show Band

8-Ball Akins with his Mom from Australia

The Late Walter Farrar was with us on our first radio show and was with us two weeks before his passing, eleven years later. He was a wonderful individual, a great musician and singer. He is still missed by everyone to this day.

The Overalls From down Birmingham Way

Grazy & Amyes From Australia

Cody Huber

​​Adrienne Kirkey

Brenda Lynn Allen

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The Old-Time Country Radio Show